What types of conflict are there in Mockingjay?ex. Man vs. Man or Man vs. Beast or vs. nature, vs. society and vs.self

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is ripe with conflict, most predominantly Man vs. Man and Man vs. Self.

Man vs. Man

The heart of the conflict in Mockingjay is the open rebellion of the districts against the Capitol.  President Coins' forces from District 13 lead the other districts in an uprising.  The battles escalate in violence, from the fire-bombing of District 12 to the decimation of the hospital in District 8. 

President Snow also takes the war to a personal level with Katniss when he leaves her the white rose in her Victor house, "a promise of revenge" that "whispers, 'I can find you. I can reach you. Perhaps I am watching you now'" (99).  Katniss answers back in her propo video when she says:

  "President Snow says he's sending us a message? Well, I have one for him.  You can torture us and bomb us and burn our districts to the ground...Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!" (99-100)

Man vs. Self

Katniss and Peeta both face internal struggles in Mockingjay as well.  Katniss debates her role in the rebellion, questioning whether she is being manipulated and used by Coin similar to the misuse by the Capitol.  Katniss also struggles discerning her true feelings for Gale and Peeta. 

Peeta has tremendous internal conflict after the Capitol "highjacks" him, using a type of "fear conditioning" with tracker jacker venom (180).  "Arguing with himself like he was two people," most of his struggle in the novel happens internally as he tries to figure out what is real (244).


rtsaindon | Student

I think the most prevalent is the man vs. self. Katniss is constantly struggling throughout this book to discover who she is, what she wants, and what she is fighting for. She struggles to understand her place is all of the battling and who she truly wants around her.


There are definitely other types of conflict as well in this book. Man vs. Man with Katniss having conflicts with various characters in the book and Man vs. Society with all the battling with the government. It truly depends on what angle you look at the story from.

kempjx | Student

there are lots of conflicts for Katniss throughout the book, but overall i believe that the biggest conflict for her alone was Peeta hating her and having him all confused.  however, the biggest conflict in the book might of been the capitol plotting to destroy everything.

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