Discuss the significance of conflict in "Once Upon a Time."

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Conflict in literature is an element that involves the struggle between two opposing forces, usually between the protagonist and antagonist. This kind of conflict is external. There is also internal conflict. In this situation, the main character or other characters experience opposing emotions or desires. The character suffers mental agony as a result. In both instances, the conflict is resolved when a solution is found.

The conflict depicted in "Once Upon a Time" forms its central theme. It is interesting that although the conflict appears mostly external, it is, as a matter of fact, predominantly internal. The primarily internal nature of the conflict is more than adequately illustrated by the prologue. The author relates a personal experience in this part of her tale. She feels unsafe and is in conflict about whether she should actually be afraid or not. She mentions unfortunate situations which have occurred in her area that give her a reason to feel so insecure.

The conflict is...

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