What types of conflict become evident near the begining? What new things have been added to the original conflict as the novel progresses?The giver is the book

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original conflicts in The Giver seem small and ordinary. Though the book is clearly set in a different culture, Jonas' conflicts with his family seem to be between a growing child and his family: he's not quite living the way they want him to. Along with that come a few political clashes; it is clear that there are a lot of rules in this culture, and the Jonas has trouble following them all.However, the conflicts that arise are much larger. When Jonas is selected, rather than assigned, he is marked as different, and is therefore in conflict with all others in the society. When the giver begins to share memories with him, the emotions he feels put him in sharp conflict, and this grows into a major philosophical and political difference as he learns the nature of the culture (that releasing babies means killing them, for example).