What are the types of clay used in natural treatments?If possible, a short description of the use of either.

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I have recently heard about a type of clay known as 'montmorillonite.' This is a kind of clay mineral that has a unique property in expanding and containing large amounts of water. It is named for a town in france where it was found (Montmorillon.) It is thought ,as a green mica clay, to have healing properties. The clay molecules are supposed to attract negative molecules from toxins towards them. The more you smear on , the more polluting toxins you suck up! The jury is out on the medical science front about the negligible benefits of this, but the medical and research professions have a more open and tolerant approach nowadays to investigating health benefits from unusual natural sources. Here is a link to the geological background of sedimentary rocks:

giorgiana1976 | Student

In nature are found many kinds of clay, including:white clay;green clay;red clay;yellow clay;blue clay.

White clay or kaolin generally consists of aluminum silicate with the addition of magnesium and calcium silicate. This magnesium, iron and calcium allows the use of kaolin in cases of fatigue and demineralization of the body, anemia, to diseases of oncological nature.

Green clay contains silica (49 percent), aluminum (5.6 percent), iron oxide (4.4 percent), magnesium (4.2 percent), iron oxides alkali (3 percent), water (7.4 percent). Due to the high silica green clay is used to treat diseases that occur on a date with advance age, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis.

Red clay is of great help in joint diseases.

A special value is buttery blue clay. Bulgarian doctor and researcher Ivan Iotova  dedicated long time to blue clay research and established that it has the same field of vibration that the healthy cells and is able to balance the weak biofield of humans. Measurements made by I. Iotova in 1991 showed that clay has therapeutic qualities, a static of wave with a length of 8 meters is corresponding to waves healthy cells in the body . Therefore, it is not harmful, has no contraindications, is a universal therapeutic mean .

For treatment can be used clay with a vibrational energy field such as radio waves that penetrate deep within the human body. This clay destroy diseased cells, which have a different wavelength. Clay also vibrate as healthy cells  and so is purifying by the harmful substances collected in these, substances that prevent their normal functioning.

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