What types of American Imperialism have affected Latin America?How should we give detailed examples?

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I do not know what types of imperialism you are supposed to be thinking about, but I think that you could argue that there have been at least 3 kinds of imperialism that have affected Latin America.

There has been regular imperialism, the kind where one country actually directly controls another.  The US still owns Puerto Rico and has at times occupied such places as Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

There has been economic imperialism.  An example of this (some people argue) can be seen in how the US has used Mexico as a source of cheap labor and raw materials.

Finally, you can argue that the US has practiced cultural imperialism with its movies, music, food, and sports.

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Thanks for answering my questions!! I think they are all correct!!!

How about the effects of the Cold War on US foreign policy towards Central America and immigration policy? The US did not treat all immigrants from Latin America in the same way. Who got treated better? Why?