Into the Wild Questions and Answers
by Jon Krakauer

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What type of writing style does Jon Krakauer use in Into the Wild?

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Krakauer is a journalist, and his book was based on an article he wrote for Outdoor magazine, so much of Krakauer’s style can be called “journalistic,” in that Kracauer sought out people who knew Chris, interviewed them, and presented what they said in third person narration. It’s through these interviews that we come to know people like Jim Gallien, who gives Chris a ride in Chapter One, or Jan and Bob Burres, two “rubber tramps” who befriend Chris, or, most significantly, his father, Walt and sister Carine, and through their stories about Chris we are able to piece together a picture of the person he was.

Krakauer is doing more than simply reporting a story, however. It’s clear that he identifies more than a little with Chris, and feels that through his reporting about Chris he has come to understand a little about his own motivations. For instance, Krakauer spends significant time recounting his own mission to climb the “Devil’s Thumb” peak in Alaska alone, and...

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