What type of stage would be used for A Doll's House?  

A Doll's House is a simplistic play that could be performed on either a proscenium or thrust stage. However, many productions may consider the use of a thrust stage to help project their actors into the audience. It is not absolutely necessary for this play to have a thrust stage instead of a proscenium, but it may help engage the audience in the dialogue and emotional action of the play.

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A Doll's House is a simplistic and minimal play in terms of set design requirements. This allows for a good deal of flexibility in each individual production. There is no reason why it couldn't be performed on a typical proscenium stage, also known as a window stage. However, there might be several advantages to performing such a play on a thrust stage, which juts out into the audience and is surrounded by seats on three sides. A thrust stage has many of the same strengths as a proscenium stage, but in addition it provides a 3-D effect to the audience, especially for those sitting in the front of the theater. A Doll's House is a play that is very light on physical action and heavy in conversation and emotional dialogue. Using a thrust stage would help engage the audience in conversations that might be less visually appealing than a well-choreographed fight scene or dance sequence. There is no absolute need for a thrust stage instead of a proscenium for this play, but many individual productions may consider it worthwhile to project their actors into the audience by using a thrust stage.

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