What type of speech topic should I pick and why?

Expert Answers
carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The topics that you choose for your speech are based on the type of speech that you are making. In speech writing as in essay writing, there are specific purposes that control the choice of topics.

In speech writing, your basic speech purposes include these four types:

Informative-to convey information

       topics might include: types of fireworks, history of the modern Olympics

Entertaining-to amuse

       topics:  Why I get my headaches? The dog ate my homework.

Persuasive-to inform and convince

        topics: Fireworks should be banned; No drivers' licenses before the age of 18

Commemorative-to give honor or esteem

        topics: Introducing a famous person; Giving a biography of someone of importance

You must know what your purpose is in giving the speech before you can make the right choice for your speech.