What type of sources were used in this biography to develop the discussion? http://marilynmonroe.ucoz.com/index/quick_biography/0-6

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are a couple of sources that are used in the article that generate discussion.  I would suggest that the quotes from Marilyn's first husband bring out aspects of her character that are discussed.  The idea that he suggests her to be a creature of intimacy, one that liked to be "cuddled," is a source that could be juxtaposed to her public image of sensuality and commercial sexualization.  

Another source of discussion in the interview is the idea of Monroe running her own motion picture company.  The development of Marilyn Monroe Pictures is a clear statement that she wanted to do something more than the "blonde bombshell" roles that had been given to her by the studios.  It also makes clear that she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress.  

The inclusion of her work with the Strasberg School is another source that reflects this.  Part of the most vibrant discussion of Monroe is her acting ability, in general.  In her later career roles, she was able to showcase this as more than the proverbial "pretty face."  She was a gifted actress who used her own personal vulnerability to bring out more in her roles and in her depiction of them.  

Finally, I would suggest that the sources that indicate a pattern of abandonment in Monroe's life give another avenue to the discussion.  It makes sense that using the Strasberg technique of method acting, Monroe was able to channel the vulnerability in her characters on screen when she found so much of it in her early life.  These sources within the biography are some intense channels of discussion.

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