what type of risk taking things does Tom Benecke do?This is from the short story Contents of a dead man's pocket

bjleblanc | Student

In the short story, Tom is conflicted with his desire to advance in his profession and at the same time spend time with his wife. Should these activities dominate his life, he is taking a risk at losing the relationship he has with his loving wife.

He is also risking his own life when the paper with data from two months of work on it flies out of the window. In Tom's attempt to retrieve this document , he walks out on the ledge of his apartment. He retrieves the paper, but he accidentely knocks the window, and it shuts him out of his apartment. Jack Finley, the author, describles Tom's actions in a step-by-step process.

Tom eventually smashes the window and climbs back inside his apartment. When the paper is once again blown out the window, he laughts and decides to go and find his wife.