What type of reputation does Dr. Armstrong remember Judge Wargrave having in regards to juries in Ten Little Indians?Which guest wants to leave the island? Why can he not leave?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dr. Armstrong remembers Judge Wargrave as having had "great power with a jury - it was said he could make their minds up for them any day of the week".  According to rumor, the Judge had indeed gotten "one or two unlikely convictions out of them"; he had the reputation of being "a hanging judge".

Dr. Armstrong does not at first recognize the Judge.  The "old gentleman" ldoes ook "vaguely familiar", however, and Armstrong wracks his brain trying to remember where he has seen "that frog-like face, that tortoise-like neck, that hunched up attitude...those pale, shrewd little eyes".  Suddently it comes to him that the person in question is none other than "old Wargrave"; Armstrong had "once given evidence before him".  Armstrong notes that the Judge always looks as if he is "half asleep", but he knows from experience that he is as "shrewd as can be when it came to a point of law".  Armstrong reflects that it is odd meeting the Judge again on Indian Island (Chapter 2, Part 7).

It is General Macarthur who wants to leave the island soon after he arrives.  He is not comfortable with the people there, and feels that "the whole thing (is) deuced odd...not at all what he'd been led to expect".  He considers making an excuse and getting away from the place - "throw up the whole business".  It is too late for General Macarthur to leave the island now, however.  The motor boat that has brought him and the others there has returned to the mainland (Chapter 2, Part 11).

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