What type of reports are you expected to write as a Human Resource Management?

Expert Answers
hustoncmk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a human resource manager, you will be expected to write many reports.  The first category can be classified as vacancy reports.  Vacancy reports can include lists of vacant positions and applications received.  The second category is for existing employees and has many more reports.  Here the human resources manager will prepare attendence reports,reports indicating when an employee is up for a review, payrate reports, benefits reports, overtime reports, training records, and other reports as needed.  The human resources manager is also responsible for making sure payroll information is availablt to accounting departments for payroll or for tracking this if payroll is handled within human resources. The human resources manager must also insure that all information on new employees is correctly reported to the government and that if any employees have wage garnishments, then reports must be maintained to record amounts withheld and amounts paid and to whom the garnishments were paid.