What type of relationship did Gregor Samsa have with his family?

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The relationships in the Samsa household are defined by tension and resentment. Before his metamorphosis, Gregor is the only working family member. His job as a salesman supports the family financially, and Gregor takes his role seriously. He often sacrifices so his family can be comfortable, although he does sometimes feel slighted (meaning he doesn't think his family appreciates him enough).

Gregor's father has failed to support his family himself, so he behaves aggressively toward his son, due to his feelings of inadequacy. Gregor's mother tries to defend him on occasion, but she gives in to her husband's anger. Gregor's sister seems to be the family member for whom Gregor holds the most affection. Before he changes, he expresses the desire to pay for her musical training.

Unfortunately, after his transformation, every memer of the Samsa family abandons Gregor, wanting him to simply disappear. They are disgusted by his appearance, and there is a sense that they somehow feel betrayed by his misfortune. In the end, he sacrifices himself once again for their needs.

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