What type of poem is Report To Wordsworth, by Boey Kim Cheng?eg. sonnet, ballad, dramatic monologue, shape, etc.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many ways, I see Cheng's poem as a ballad. I find it singing to the idea of what Wordsworth sought, what we wanted, and how far the modern setting is from it.  I think that the ballad form works well for the poem.  If we use the idea that the ballad is something that tells a story, and hence allows it to move so very closely to song, I think that Cheng's poem possesses such qualities.  The poem is seeking to bring Wordsworth's ideas into focus with the modern setting.  It strives to integrate how Wordsworth would see the modern reality and how he and his thoughts might be able to make some sense of a fragmented setting that has moved far from what Wordsworth envisioned.  The ballad form is brought out in the ideas and message in the poem, and presents itself as a story to be told.

iidadenver | Student

Reports to Wordsworth is a Shakesperian style sonnet. It Has fourteen lines that have ten syllables each. Its a Shakesperian style sonnet because the rhyme scheme is ABABCDCDEFEFGG so it ends with rhyming couplets. The other style sonnet that one can find is the Italian way. Its rhyme scheme is ABBAABBA CDCDCD this ia called the Petrarchan rhyme scheme.