What type of ornaments are scattered in the different rooms?

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chelseaosborne314 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were seven rooms for the Masque of the Red Death - what Poe called an "imperial suite." Each room had its own color theme: there was a blue room, a purple room, a green room, an orange room, a white room, a violet room, and the dreaded black room. Within each of these rooms, their were ornaments, furnishings, tapestries, and window casements that matched the room's color scheme; there was also a stained glass window that looked out into the hallway, where the only light was located so that it could shine through the glass and light up the room with that color. The only exception to this is the black room, which had black decorations, but a red stained glass window - Poe described it as "ghastly." In addition to the ornaments of the corresponding colors, there were gold ornaments all over the place, scattered across the floors and hanging from the ceilings.

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