What type of relationship did Gregor Samsa have with his family in The Metamorphosis

Gregor Samsa’s relationship with his family changes drastically after his transformation. The formerly dutiful, obedient young man still loves his father, mother, and sister, but they are horrified by him. Whereas he had once been the sole family breadwinner, now he can no longer work. They become increasingly hostile and even violent toward him. While his sister supports him longer than his parents, she finally takes the decisive step that causes his death.

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Gregor has essentially been exploited by his family for a long time. The narrator reveals that his father accrued some significant debts through bad decision-making, which Gregor has been working diligently and selflessly to pay off. His parents no longer work, while Gregor works at a terribly dehumanizing job that he blames for the fact that he has no relationships. He is always traveling and thinking about work to the point that even his mother expresses her dismay that he has no social life.

However, once Gregor turns into a bug, he learns that his father has actually been saving some of the money Gregor has been bringing home rather than putting it all toward the debt. As a result, Gregor would have had to work longer in this job that he hates—that prevents him from having a real life—in order to pay off the debt. His father never even told Gregor or asked if this was fine with him.

Gregor also sees that his family has long enjoyed leisurely breakfasts while he has gotten up at ridiculously early hours and gone to work to provide for them. Their frugality would have enabled him to escape his job sooner, but they evidently care more about their luxuries than they do about Gregor and his quality of life.

The Samsas have been exploiting Gregor for years, changing him from the confident and poised young man he was during his military days to this sort of meek and weak-willed person who simply does his family's bidding.

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The story of Gregor Samsa’s metamorphosis is as much a tale of his drastically changing relationship with his family as it is about his transformed appearance and abilities. Gregor’s emotional commitment to his father, mother, and sister initially does not seem to have changed very much. Before he turned into a beetle, Gregor was a dutiful, obedient man who was happy to support his family. He was proud of his financial contribution as the only gainfully employed person in the family. Although his attitude toward work had apparently changed somewhat before the transformation, he continued to accept the responsibility that they had imposed on him.

After he wakes up as a beetle, even before the others see him, Gregor worries that his new appearance will bother them. He is concerned as well about the impact of not being able to work. Each family member has different feelings and behavior toward him.

Gregor’s younger sister, Grete, does what she can to take care of him, even bringing him the rotten food that he now enjoys. Correctly anticipating how upset their mother will be to see her son, the sister tries to shield her. Together, they remove his furniture, but her mother is so distraught upon seeing him that she faints.

Gregor’s father, who had always been critical and demanding, is the most hostile to the new development. Growing more agitated when he perceives the new beetle-Gregor as a threat to his wife, the father ignores Grete’s pleas and pelts his son with apples, injuring his back as well as his feelings. This hostile act cements the entire family’s rejection of Gregor. Ultimately, even Grete turns on him, and she locks him into his room to starve. Gregor accepts that his death is best for everyone.

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In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa is a main character who loves and cares for his family, simply because it is his place to do so. When Gregor's father loses his job, Gregor takes over as the breadwinner for his household, and never resents his father or questions the fairness of his situation, because as a loving son, this is his duty. He attempts to continue in this responsibility even after he discovers he has been transformed into an insect.

Gregor is close with his sister Grete, and she is the one who becomes his caretaker after his transformation. If this strange change had happened to her, rather than to Gregor, he would have done the same for her, as any close family member would.

Gregor does not, however, have an ideal relationship with his father. His father, whom he rarely refers to by name, is distant and seems unkind. He has failed to provide for his family and shows no sympathy for Gregor after the metamorphosis, instead becoming violent toward his son in several instances. It may be said that in his behavior toward the "intruder," Gregor's father is once again becoming the patriarch of the family, rescuing his innocent wife and daughter from a hideous creature.

By the end of the novel, Gregor is no longer the provider for his family, and consequently, each of the other family members have assumed their "correct places" in the familial hierarchy, despite disregarding Gregor himself in the process.

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The relationships in the Samsa household are defined by tension and resentment. Before his metamorphosis, Gregor is the only working family member. His job as a salesman supports the family financially, and Gregor takes his role seriously. He often sacrifices so his family can be comfortable, although he does sometimes feel slighted (meaning he doesn't think his family appreciates him enough).

Gregor's father has failed to support his family himself, so he behaves aggressively toward his son, due to his feelings of inadequacy. Gregor's mother tries to defend him on occasion, but she gives in to her husband's anger. Gregor's sister seems to be the family member for whom Gregor holds the most affection. Before he changes, he expresses the desire to pay for her musical training.

Unfortunately, after his transformation, every memer of the Samsa family abandons Gregor, wanting him to simply disappear. They are disgusted by his appearance, and there is a sense that they somehow feel betrayed by his misfortune. In the end, he sacrifices himself once again for their needs.

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