What type of narrator is used in "Girl"?

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The narrative point of view used in this story is the third-person objective. A third-person objective narrator is never going to be a participant in the events that take place in the story (this accounts for the third-person part of the designation), and they can only report what is visible to the eye, rather than any of the unspoken thoughts or feelings of any character (this accounts for the objective part). In this story, the narrator never uses the first-person pronoun "I" or "we," and they never report the thoughts or feelings of either the main speaker or the titular girl, who speaks only twice throughout the entire text. The narrator is only able to report what is spoken aloud, and though a third-person objective narrator can also sometimes report people's body language or movements, this is not vital. Therefore, the narrator is a third-person objective one. It may seem as though the narrator is speaking from a second-person point of view, but I believe this is incorrect, as the...

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