What type of irony does "The Cop and the Anthem" contain?

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"The Cop and the Anthem" contains situational irony. This is the type of irony in which the opposite of what the reader thinks will happen actually does happen. For example, when Soapy is carrying out small misdeeds such as stealing an umbrella or shouting loudly to feign drunkenness, he thinks that he will be arrested. He wants to be arrested to spend winter in the comfort of a jail cell on Blackwell's Island rather in the park. However, no matter which minor laws he breaks, he can not get a cop to arrest him. It is only when he is doing the right thing, which is standing near a church and hearing music that fills him with the desire to lead a good life, that he is arrested. When he is near the church, he should not be arrested, but he is. Therefore, the opposite of what the reader expects occurs.

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