Is transactional or transformational leadership practiced at the Northwest Center for Families (NCF), and how can we tell?

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Karyth Cara eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While it may be impossible to find information about the specific institute you ask about, Northwest Center for Families, unless they have a significant Internet presence, it possible to give you information about a seemingly similar institute, with guidance on finding it, so that you can find similar information on NCF.

The Family Institute at Northwestern University seems a similar institute. Under About Us, they list their Mission and Values statements. In part they express their mission and values as:

Building the preeminent care, teaching and research center, a model for excellence and an internationally recognized leader in the field of Marriage and family therapy.

Still in About Us, under Leadership, they present a top-down organization the extends fro the Board of Directors down to Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Vice President for Evaluation and Clinical Services, with many others included. This structure presupposes an unnamed middle management the control individual therapists and social workers in the down structure, and under them, the support staff.

Thus in this framework, the leadership practiced in transactional: motivating and directing from within their authoritative position in the management hierarchy.