What type of graph was used to show Asch's results?

bohemianteacher4u | Student

Solomon Asch, a social psychologist, conducted a social experiment in 1951 related to peer pressure.  In his experiment, he wanted to determine if participants would choose the wrong bars on a printed card while under peer pressure produced by peers having a different opinion and evidenced by the choices the peers made. He set up his groups with 8-10 people.  What the participant did not know was that the other people in the group were part of the experiment and not participants.  They had been instructed to choose the wrong answer. The cards were created using different sizes of bars, and the participants were to chose the bars on the left that matched those on the right.  The participant was seated next to the last person to answer.  Therefore, all of the others had presented their responses before the participant.  The results were that 37 out of 50 participants succumbed to peer pressure and answered the same as the others in the room.  The results concerned Asch because he identified the social pressures as having the ability to control a person’s behavior in relation to racism and other issues where individual opinion was important.  He displayed his results on a line graph.