What type of glassware equipment is needed when working with carbon dioxide?

 I need to do a reaction with carbon dioxide.

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First of all, carbon dioxide is a gas so you will need to have a supply of it contained in a pressurized metal gas cylinder fit with a gas regulator.  The pressure aspect of working with gasses like carbon dioxide is what makes doing chemistry with them difficult.  Normal chemical reactions are carried out in glassware but glass does not hold up to high pressure.  Sometimes reactions with gasses like carbon dioxide can be done under low pressure (<10 psi) using simple things like rubber balloons.  In cases like this, normal chemical glassware can be used.  But if moderate pressure is needed (10-50 psi), then special thick walled glass vessels are required.  If higher pressures are required, then glass is out of the question and metal (usually steel) vessels are required.  The chemicals and solvent are added to the metal vessel and sealed.  Metal tubing connected to a gas cylinder is used to add in carbon dioxide and bring the reaction vessel to high pressure.  At the end of the reaction, the vessel must be carefully vented to released the pressure build up before opening it up.

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