What type of genre is Robinson Crusoe? Is it Satire?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The genre of "Robinson Crusoe" would best fit into the category of adventure novel.  Perhaps you could put it into a sub genre of isolation story, but adventure novel would probably be the best fit.  If you would like a more modern day comparison, I'll go with movies and video games.  Robinson Crusoe's genre closely mirrors two popular films, both Tom Hanks films surprisingly.  "Cast Away" is very similar to "Robinson Crusoe" in that the film focuses on Hanks's character being stranded on an island.  He must learn to survive and live off of the land.  While Crusoe finds Friday, Hanks is not so fortunate.  He makes a "friend" (the volleyball Wilson).  At no point would that film be considered satire, since satire seeks to criticize real world stuff.  Crusoe and Cast Away are both stories of bravery, heroism, inner strength, etc.  The second film would be "Captain Phillips."  Again, an adventure story about bravery, heroism, and inner strength.  For a video game reference, the most current Tomb Raider game.  That game works well for an adventure story similar to Crusoe's for the same basic setting similarities.  Shipwreck, island, survival, bad guys trying to kill main character.  

mhothur99 | Student

Satire is not in itself considered a genre, but an element that can be found in books of many genres. However, Robinson Crusoe is a historical fiction that would probably not be considered satire. A novel is considered to contain satire when it strives to criticize real-world beliefs or events. Robinson Crusoe, on the other hand, exposes the bravery and strength of man, not at all criticizing it. It illustrates the realistic development of a person who is put into a unique situation.