What type of genotype is a gentic disorder? I need more things to write about in my powepoint presentation about genetic disorders.

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The genotype is dependent on the genetic disorder.  It depends on if it is a sex-linked disorder or not.  You should choose a few specific disorders and look into the causes. 

Hemophilia and sickle cell disease are two examples of genetic disorders caused by two recessive alleles.  You receive on allele from each parent.  If you have one dominant allele then you would be considered a carrier which means that you do not express the genetic disorder but you can pass it on to your children.  If you have two dominant alleles then you are normal and there is no way your children could have the disease regardless of your mate's genetic code.  The genotype for a normal individual would be HH, a carrier would be Hh and one with the genetic disorder would hh. 

There are many different genetic disorders with differing causes based on genes and chromosomes.  You would need to be more specific in the type of disorder you are talking about.

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