What type of flora and fauna does the Austral Realm have?

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selmasharafaz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Austral Realm is a geographical realm formed by Australia and New Zealand. Their continental dimensions and insular separation along with a dominantly Western cultural heritage makes them stand out as a unit.

The physiography of Australia and New Zealand differs greatly. New Zealand is mountaineous and holds large numbers of volcanoes and is prone to earthquakes, while all these are rare or even unknown in Australia. Still, there are many common faces to both.

The isolation of the countries far from the rest of the world for millions of years aided in the evolution of flora and fauna that are unique to the region. Kangaroos, Koalas and Wallabies are known to have evolved in the Austral Realm much before advanced mammals could replace them. Bilby, Dingo, Wallaroo, Tasmanian devil, Rainbow lorikeet, Cuscus, Quoll, Wombat and Numbat are some other rare species unique to the austral realm.

There are rainforests, snowfields and deserts in the realm. The climate and topography paves way for a plantlife that is distinctive to the region. The eucalyptus and acacia trees are native to the austral realm. There are others like the Totara tree, Chenopods, Grevillea, Melaleuca and many other species of flora that thrive here.

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StephanieRR | Student

The Austral realm covers Australia and New Zealand, so there are quite a few types of plants and animals to choose from when making a list of the flora and fauna.

-A few examples of flora and fauna of New Zealand:

Rimu tree

Totara tree

The giant Kauri tree

Pohutukawa tree

Kakapo parrot and Kiwi (New Zealand has over seventy bird species that you can't find anywhere else in the world)

The short-tailed bat (the only native land mammal)

-A few examples of flora and fauna of Australia:

Dingo, Numbat, and Quoll (carniverous mammals)

Fifty-five species of kangaroos and wallabies




Fig tree

Green Plum tree

Eucalyptus tree




parama9000 | Student

The most prominent within the Austral Realms would be the eucalyptus tree.

There are others including:

Rimu, Totara tree

Animals include the wombat, wallabies, kangaroos and koalas .