What type of eye condition would be corrected by a divergent lens?

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A divergent lens is a lens that causes light waves passing through it to spread out. These light waves thus focus differently on the eye than straight light or light passed through a convergent lens. This type of lens is indicated for patients with myopia, or near-sightedness; near-sighted people can focus well on objects close to their eyes, but have trouble with objects father away. Light falling on their eyes is not focusing correctly for far-away objects, and so things appear blurry and indistinct. A divergent lens allows the light to spread out and hit the right portions of the eye, correcting the patient's vision and allowing clear sight. A divergent lens is thinner in the middle and thicker on the edges, and is ground to each patient's unique needs. Some patients have trouble with both close and far vision, and they might use bifocal lenses, either with separated lens inserts (divergent and convergent) or with lenses ground to change focus depending on what part of the lens is looked through.


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