What type of equation is this: acid + base = salt + water?

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Acid + Base = salt + water is the general form of a neutralization reaction, which falls into the broader category of double displacement. For example, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, a base, produce sodium chloride and water according to the following equation:

`HCl_((aq)) + NaOH_((aq)) -> H_2O_((l)) + NaCl_((aq))`

The sodium chloride remains dissolved in water and could be separated by evaporation. 

An acid is a compound that ionizes to produce H+ in water and a base is a compound that ionizes to produce OH- in water. Acids and bases neutralize each other because the H+ and OH- ions combine to form H2O.

A salt is an ionic compound. It doesn't specifically refer to sodium chloride. When the acid HBr reacts with the base LiOH, the salt produced is LiBr.