What type of culture does Madagascar have?

Expert Answers
a0542959 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Malagasi culture is an interesting one. The key difference between the Malagasi culture and other cultures is the expectations within families. There are not as many expectations for children to go out and do great things--there are more expectations for children to stay at home and take care of parents. The family ties are extremely strong. They encourage intimacy, for instance, if a family member passes away, all extended family is asked to be at the house before sunset on the day of the death to pay their respects. It's a way for families to show their love for each other.

Secondly, the Malagasi culture does not run on a schedule like America. In America, time is money. In Madagascar, they tend to be more lackadaisical with their time. Additionally, there are a lot of subgroups in Madagascar because many people traveled from Borneo, Indonesia, and the Phillipines and settled in Madagascar. This results in a very diverse populous with many different rules. 

They have had a royal family in the past, though this has faded since the late 1950s. As of the 1960s, they have had a continuous run of presidents.