In "The Outsiders", what type of conflict was Darry?

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queenb22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure exactly what the question is but I will try to answer based on conflict and that character. Darry in "The Outsiders" is going through many conflicts. First he deals with Person vs. Self because the responsibilities of his family have fallen on him since his parents have been killed. He must struggle to try and make sure his two younger brothers are taken care of and succeed the way his parents would have wanted them to. He must also act like an adult when he barely is one, instead of being a young person and date and hang out with friends. He has the problems with the Socs like his friends who must constantly fight to stick up for themselves. And he must contend with society. Darry must struggle against the confines of being working class and surviving for himself and his family.

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