What are the type of conflicts in A Rose For Emily?For example, the person vs. person, the person vs. society, and the person vs. self. What are examples of such conflicts throught out the story???

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most implied, but not developed conflict is person vs. person - in the form of Emily vs. her father.  Her father is a strong, possessive, and anti-social individual.  He keeps Emily isolated from the community. 

This facts influences the person vs. society conflict.  This town is lead by tradition and by old southern customs.  Emily has some serious mental health issues.  She remains isolated from the town even after her father has died.  The town is aware of her problems, but because of the town pride - the tradition - they are unwilling to break into her house and confront her, even when the bad smell leaks into the streets.  They'll secretly surround the house, but they won't dare disturb her by forcing a confrontation.  Perhaps if they had, earlier, Emily would have turned out differently.

And finally the person vs. self conflict.  Emily has a very small life, not being comfortable with the world outside her house.  Despite her father's overbearing nature, she doesn't want to let go of him when he dies.  The same happens with her beau.  She is so terrified of being left alone that she not only kills him but keeps the dead body by her side.

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