In Count of Monte Cristo, what type of character is Jacopo?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jacopo is best described as loyalty, and his loyalty is vital to the development of Dantes' character and to the themes.  Dantes' faith in humanity has been demolished by his experiences.  Meeting Jacopo and receiving his kindness at his moment of escape ensures that Dantes will not be totally lost to bitterness.  When Jacopo stays by him throughout, and even offers to share his treasure bounty with Dantes, Dantes realizes that Jacopo is an honest and trustworthy man.  Dantes then knows he will be able to get past his vengeance.

alekhine | Student

Jacapo is a minor character in the book. He is a mate on board the ship that first picks up Edmond after his escape in chapter 23.

Jacapo is friendly with Edmond. He and the other sailors call Edmond, "The Maltese". Probably because he looked Italian. Maltese is the language of Malta. The Arabic dialects developed in Sicily, and southern Europe. 

I dont read too much into Jacapo other than he was just some one whom Edmond met and interacted with briefly.

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