What "two worlds" are juxtaposed in the opening of Scene I?Comparing and contrasting the two worlds.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, the two worlds that are brought out in the first scene are the realities of Blanche and the world.  The setting is important in that Stanley and Stella live in a working class or poor area of New Orleans.  The industrial, cramped, and tightly frantic condition of life contrasts with Blanche, who represents a vision of the "Old South."  She lived on Belle Reve, a plantation with "columns" and where life was different than in the industrialized vision that Blanche sees in front of her now.  Blanche, herself, might be a world that is in contrast with what is there.  She is noticeable awkward at this her entrance into this world, seeking out a drink to calm her nerves.  She is set apart from this environment and is almost a juxtaposition to it.  Blanche's entrance into the first scene and the awkwardness that she brings to it helps to add to the disjointed relationship between Blanche and the modern setting.

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