What are two ways in which the characteristics of the Great Depression revealed in Of Mice and Men?

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The novel Of Mice and Men is a story about two men struggling to find their own "piece of land" in The Land of Opportunity. Given that the novel speaks to two main ideals during this period in time, the Great Depression, both characteristics which speak most of the novel also speak to the life of people during Great Depression.

First, people at this point in time were in search of ways to make their lives better. This search has come to be known as The American Dream. Both Lennie and George are in search of this dream. They wanted to own land, raise animals, and farm for themselves. Unfortunately for Lennie and George, their failure leads to the next characteristics of the Great Depression.

The Great Depression was coined given the extreme financial hardships many people in America faced. Both Lennie and George's inability to succeed at claiming their own stake shows what happened to many people during the Great Depression. Many people lost everything (as seen with George-he lost Lennie and all hope of his dream). Many others simply could not find a place where they were able to succeed (again, seen with George given Lennie's behaviors forced the men to move over and over).

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The american dream (George and Lennie's Dream of owning a ranch)
Broken/ fallen dreamsĀ