What are two ways the light bulb helped industrialization?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The invention of the light bulb affected Industrialization in three important ways. First, as the lighting was installed in factories, they could operate safely for twenty-four hours each day. This had the effect of increasing productivity and profit for manufacturing. It also gave laborers more hours to work (which would be bad at first for workers, but better after labor laws.)

A second impact the light bulb had on industrialization is that it created a whole new industry: electric generation. The generation of electricity impacted other industries such as oil, metals, and coal. These industries would create great profits for entrepreneurs while at the same time putting others to work.

A third impact of the light bulb was that it encouraged electrical innovation. In other words, inventions were to come that utilized the now available electric connections in factories. Electrical machines would make factory production more efficient.

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