What are two types of external conflict in "Lord of the Flies"?I have a review and i dont really Know what external conflics are so if u can help me out i would appretiate it.

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External conflicts are those that exist outside of human beings. For example, a fight with nature, or another person, a war, a storm are all examples where is person is fighting with something outside of himself. These are the opposite of internal conflicts, a battle a person fights in their minds or bodies. For example, a big decision, anger, desire for revenge or love can all be internal conflicts. There are two external conflicts that the in "Lord of the Flies"face. The first conflict is with their environment. They have landed on a tropical island where the temperature is warm, but they must have both shelter and food. They cannot subsist on fruit alone so that motivates Jack and his hunters to kill pigs for meat. The other external conflict is between the boys themselves. Both Ralph and Jack want to be chief of the group. When Ralph is elected, Jack begins to undermine Ralph's authority. He separates "his" choir from the rest of the group and then makes the other boys decide which side to take. Finally, the boys believe they are in conflict with the beast, but since the beast exists only in their minds, this becomes more of an internal conflict which also has external repercussions.

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