What are two types of early prevention with regards to delinquency programs nation wide?

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Typically the word "delinquency" is immediately associated with juvenile crime. There are actually several public and privately funded programs that serve the dual purpose of prevention and education when it comes to at-risk youth.

Probably the most well known program is Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. This program was started in 1904 in New York city, and is a mentoring program that pairs young boys and girls with an older mentor of the same gender. Mentors take on the role of a friend, a teacher, an older sibling, and a role model. The basic premises of BBBS is to build self-esteem, increase community involvement, success in school, and accountability.

Another delinquency prevention program that targets high school students is Career Academy. These are "schools within schools" or, essentially, well organized small groups of students and teachers who work through a specialized program while in high school that focuses on academic success and community involvement. The goal is to create a support group (of peers and adults) for students through at least three years of high school. Students attend some traditional high school classes, but are also on a vocational track to learn a specific skill or trade. This program targets low income communities and can be found in regular public schools nationwide.

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