What two or three personality characteristics are needed for success as a computer engineer ?

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boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Leading companies worldwide hire graduate computer engineers with starting salaries of USD $50,000.00 or higher.  Computer engineers work in a vast variety of industries.  These industries and specific companies that hire are listed in reference 1.

Here are three personality characteristics that I feel will help you become a successful computer engineer.

1.  Compulsiveness:  Compulsive persons are good at work, such as computer engineering, that requires conscientious attention to detail, a thorough approach to problem solving, and avoidance of errors of omission.

Caution:  these are positive forms of the compulsive personality.  One hopes that you are compulsive in this manner rather than being affected by negative compulsion such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  Persons with OCD may be poor computer engineers because they can become paralyzed by excessive and unnecessary checking and rechecking of data, not to mention scorned by co-workers for their behavior.

2.  Curiosity:  You should have natural curiosity and a desire to solve problems. A person without curiosity is seldom motivated to excel at scientific investigation and experimentation that are part of computer engineering.

3.  Geniality:  Although engineers aren’t known for having scintillating personalities, they do have to work with others as members of a team.  You don’t have to be the belle of the ball or the life of the party, but you must be able to interact with and understand your co-workers, and do so in a manner that fosters teamwork. In short, there is no harm if a computer engineer has a “nerdy” personality so long as she respects and is respected by her colleagues.

Please see the second reference for an excellent presentation on “How to be a Successful Engineer”.

namji | Student

Hi, gemmylin.

In order to be successful in computer engineering, I believe you must be 1.  METICULOUS- since any missing key would lead to disfunction.

2. HAVE TENACITY- since computer engineer is just like solving problems, you must not give up so easily

3.CREATIVE- since it would differenciate you from all the others.