What are summaries of chapters 22 and 23 of "Lyddie"?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 22. Lyddie withdraws all of her savings from the bank and buys another copy of Oliver Twist for Rachel and a dictionary. She finally discovers the meaning of "moral turpitude," and it makes her very angry. She tells Brigid why she was dismissed and that she has written a letter to Mr. Marsden to  warn him what will happen if he fires Brigid. Later that evening, she confronts Mr. Marsden face to face. The next day she leaves town for Boston and looks up Diana. She is surprised and happy to discover that Diana is living with a widowed shopkeeper and her daughter. She is happy for Diana, but she is sad about her own life. After visiting with Diana, she continues on to Vermont. 

Chapter 23. Lyddie returns to Cutler’s Tavern and is welcomed back by Triphena. Lyddie asks for her old job back, but that position has been filled. She then goes to see the Phinneys, where Charlie and Rachel are living. They are still at school when she gets there, so she decides to walk to the old farm. Once there, she builds a fire in the fireplace and sits in her mother's old rocking chair. Luke Stevens enters the house and apologizes for having written the letter in which he  tells her that his father has bought the farm and proposes that she marry him. He asks her what her plans are, and she decisively tells him she plans to go to college. Somehow, Lyddie knows that someday she will marry Luke.

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