What two things surprise Jaggers about Estella and Wemmick when Pip talks to Jaggers in Chapter 51? What does this tell us about Jaggers?

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Jaggers was aware that Molly, his housekeeper, was Estella’s mother, as he was instrumental in her being placed with Miss Havisham. He did not know that Pip’s convict, Magwitch (known as Provis) was her father, however. Jaggers has always been concerned with privacy, and as such has never really sought answers to questions which pertain to personal and emotional concerns.

 Everybody should know his own business

Jaggers was also unaware of Wemmick’s very different manner when at home with his Aged Parent-

 ‘What’s all this?’ said Mr Jaggers. ‘You with an old father, and you with pleasant and playful ways?’

Jaggers reveals hypothetically how he came to save both Molly and Estella from their deadly futures. We can see a compassionate side to Jaggers, but he does not allow this to interfere with his purpose.

Once the three of them have shared real emotion and feeling with each other, Wemmick and Jaggers return to their former terse, business approach. When a client appears at the office, Jaggers and Wemmick respond in as unemotional a manner as they always have, and he is cursorily dismissed-

 Get out of this office. I’ll have no feelings here.



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