What are two things Lyddie appreciates and two things she does not like?

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Lyddie appreciates hard work.  While a reader may not agree with every decision that Lyddie makes throughout the story, there is no doubt that she is a hard worker that is laser focused.  Lyddie also appreciates the value of money.  I would say that she appreciates it to a fault.  She is not a generous person through most of the story, and she puts her pursuit of money and financial independence above all other things.  Lyddie also has an appreciation for learning.  She learned to read and kept improving her reading abilities.  At the end of the story she even chooses to go to college instead of continue working in the factories.  

Lyddie does not like depending on other people.  She likes knowing that she can fend for herself on her own.  That's evidenced by her not immediately accepting a marriage proposal from Luke.  Lyddie also can't stand other people's lack of common sense or stupidity.  The best evidence for that is in her initial treatment of Brigid.  Lyddie can't stand teaching her how to work the loom and looks for the first opportunity to get Brigid moved to her own loom.  That way, Lyddie won't have to waste any more time teaching her. 

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