What two things does Ralph say that insult Jack in Lord of the Flies?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 8, Jack says that Ralph claimed that Jack's hunters were not doing a good job and that Jack's group were cowards.  The truth is they are not great hunters.  They have only caught a couple pigs and one of them was a nursing sow which they should have let live and followed her back to her litter.  The boys are cowards.  They let brute force be their guide and rule rather than reason.  They offer a sacrifice to what they perceive to be a beast rather than try to face the beast to determine what it is.  Only Simon approaches the dead parachutist that others see as a physical beast.  Ralph denies saying that Jack and his hunters aren't good. This argument between Jack and Ralph is made public because it takes place at an assembly called by Jack.  To make matters worse, Ralph calls for another vote to determine chief and Ralph wins again.  That was the final straw for Jack, who turns red in embarrassment and leaves the group.  No longer will there be one group of boys; from now on, there are two distinct groups with Ralph's group growing ever smaller while Jack's group grows with numbers and power.

asorrell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 8, Ralph insults Jack and his hunters when he says that the hunters are "Boys armed with sticks."  Jack later uses this to try to get the hunters to go against Ralph.  He ends up getting upset and leaving the rest of the boys. 

Later in Chapter 11 after Jack has moved his group to Castle Rock, Ralph calls Jack a thief for stealing Piggy's glasses.

trevortietz | Student

Who calls the meeting?  List two reasons that Jack offers fo why Ralph is not a proper cheif in lord of the flies.

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