What are two themes and their explanations from "The Darling" by Anton Chekhov?

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Two themes that are in Anton Chekhov's "The Darling" are Conformity to Others and the Nature of Love.

  • Conformity to Others and Dependency

A vapid character, Olenka Semyonovna assumes the personality of the men in her life, becoming but an extension of her husbands. When she marries her first husband, Snookin, the proprietor of the Tivoli Pleasure Gardens, loves true drama, so Olenka loves drama, also. When she speaks to her friends, she informs her friends that 

...nothing in the world was so remarkable, so important and necessary as the theatre, and only in the theatre could you experience real enjoyment and become an educated, civilized human being.

Whatever Snookin says about the theatre, Olenka echoes his opinions.

But, after Snookin dies while away on a business trip, Olenka is inconsolable. Soon, however, she meets Vasily Andreich Pustovalov, manager of Babakayev's lumber yard. She falls in love and is married shortly thereafter. Soon, she helps her husband, managing the accounts and...

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