What two 'supernatural' events  does Casca describe to Cicero in Act I Sc.3 ?  

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Casca actually describes a number of supernatural events in this scene, all of which he interprets, in the Roman fashion, as omens. Casca describes how earth “shakes like a thing unfirm” (an earthquake) as he has endured a tempest “dropping fires.” He goes on to detail several other strange things he has seen, including a man who held up his hand to Casca in the street with his fingers ostensibly on fire, but without causing him any apparent damage. Likewise, he has encountered a lion outside the Capitol who “went surly by” without paying Casca any mind or making any attempt to attack him. He says that others have seen men walking in flames, and he has also observed the “bird of night” singing in the daytime. Put together, he interprets all these events as a sign of coming upheaval.

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