In what two specific ways does Irving create a gentle parody of Ichabod Crane as a "Romantic hero" in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

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Ichabod Crane is shown to be VERY enamored of Katrina Van Tassel...her wealth, that is! When most Romantic heroes would be writing poetry to her beauty, her grace, her style, her modesty, etc., Ichabod is far more excited by her father's land and wealth, and all of the wonderful food that is served in their house. The food, in fact, is truly the impetus behind his passion for the fair Katrina!

In addition, a Romantic hero would not have allowed the superstitions and ghost stories of Brom Bones to sway him in his courting of Katrina. He would have braved all kinds of threats to remain in the village of Sleepy Hollow and continue his pursuit of Katrina('s wealth). And yet he lets his imagination run wild with him and turns tail and runs when he thinks the Headless Horseman is after him. Not exactly the picture of a Romantic hero, is he?

This ironic parody of the Romantic hero is one of Washington Irving's most skillful characterizations. Check the links below for more information - Good luck!

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