What are two significant events in The House On Mango Street?

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One significant event in The House on Mango Street is when Cathy tells Esperanza that her family is moving away from Mango Street. This is eye-opening for Esperanza, because Cathy is referring to the families of color moving in—including Esperanza's family. It's significant because it shows how racism can color even her interactions with people that she sees as friends. When she tries to make friends with two other girls, Cathy's perceptions of them are also colored by her prejudice and she tries to keep Esperanza away from them.

Another significant event is Esperanza's first job. It's at Peter Pan Photo Finishers; she's too young to work there but can lie about her age. It's a place where she learns some of the difficulties of being a grown up. She doesn't know whether she's allowed to rest and so she copies two other women who she assumes know what they're doing. She doesn't know who to eat with or where to take a break. It's clear Esperanza feels out of place, but she's learning to...

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