What are the two settings in the novel The Kite Runner?  

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There are primarily two settings: Kabul, Afghanistan, and Fremont, California, which span different time periods in the novel The Kite Runner. The beginning of the novel takes place in 1963, the same year Amir, the novel's protagonist, is born. He spends his childhood in the peaceful city of Kabul playing with his best friend, Hassan. In 1973, Russians troops invade Afghanistan and in the winter of 1975, Amir witnesses Hassan being raped. Amir is filled with extreme guilt because he did not stop Assef, and shortly after the incident, Ali and Hassan move out of Baba's home. Amir and Baba then leave for Pakistan in 1981 and arrive in Fremont, California the same year. Amir lives in America for twenty years where he becomes a successful writer and marries his wife, Soraya. The two buy a home in San Francisco. One day Amir gets a phone call from Rahim Khan. Amir learns that Rahim Khan is dying, so he leaves for Pakistan in June, 2001. Shortly after meeting with Rahim Khan and learning about Hassan's son, Sohrab, Amir travels back to Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2001, Afghanistan is utterly destroyed from years of fighting and is under Taliban rule. Amir ends up finding Sohrab and narrowly escaping to Pakistan before leaving for America in August, 2001. Sohrab begins his new life in San Francisco, and Amir attempts to form a relationship with him.

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