What two reasons does Dally give to try to convince Johnny not to turn himself in? (two quotes)

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  1. Dally says Greasers get it worse than anyone else.
  2. Johnny will become "hardened" in prison like Dally.

In Chapter 6, Dally comes to visit Ponyboy and Johnny at the abandoned church. When Dally arrives, he takes the boys to eat at Dairy Queen. Seemingly out of nowhere, Johnny says, "We're goin' back and turn ourselves in." (Hinton 87) Dally is shocked at Johnny's statement. Johnny explains that he thinks he has a good chance of getting off easy if Cherry and Ponyboy testify that he acted in self-defense. Dally becomes upset and explains to Johnny that he is a Greaser and that Greasers "get it worse than anyone." Johnny tells Dally that it isn't fair to Ponyboy and his family that they remain in hiding. Dally continues to explain that if Johnny were to turn himself in, he would be taken to prison where he would become "hardened." Dally fears that Johnny would become callous and violent like himself if he were to go to jail. Before Johnny gets a chance to turn himself in, they see the abandoned church on fire and attempt to save the children trapped inside.

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