What are two quotes that Risa says in Unwind?

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Based on the wording of the question, it appears that the question is asking for something that Risa says instead of any quote about Risa. The book Unwind is interesting in its chapter organization. Instead of walking readers through a chronological telling of events in a particular character's life, the narrative skips around from character to character and from chapter to chapter. Chapter 1 is focused on Connor, chapter 2 is focused on Risa, and chapter 3 is focused on Lev. The chapters and characters do begin to overlap as the story progresses, but chapter 2 is the first chapter that Risa is in. Therefore, it is a good place to start looking for quotes spoken by Risa.

I stunk up the stage.

This is the first piece of spoken dialogue from Risa. It occurs almost 3 pages into this particular chapter. Before she says this line, readers read about Risa performing a piano solo before a judge. She knows the performance is important, and she knows that mistakes are going to hurt her chances of staying as a ward of the state. In total, Risa makes five mistakes, and she believes that she did terrible. Mr. Durkin is encouraging and tells Risa that she did the piece "justice." Risa responds by saying the following:

I need more than justice.

The line sounds quite ominous. However, readers do not know why Risa would sound like this. She could be overreacting for no reason, or she could be a pessimistic person. That opinion quickly changes when Risa is called into the headmaster's office and when she is told that she is going to be unwound in order to make more room at the ward for newer, younger children in need. Her piano mistakes cost Risa her chance at living longer.

"You're a good musician, but . . ."

"As I said, you've reached your potential."

"As far as you can go."

"Perhaps if you had chosen a less competitive course of study."

"Well, that's all water under the bridge."

"Our hands are tied."

"There are unwanted babies born every day—and not all of them get storked."

"We're obliged to take the ones that don't."

"We have to make room for every new ward."

"Which means cutting 5 percent of our teenage population."

"You do understand, don't you?"

Risa can't listen anymore, so she shuts them up by saying what they don't have the courage to say themselves.

"I'm being unwound?"

Silence. It's more of an answer than if they had said "yes."

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