What are two quotes about Nat being punished in the stocks in Witch of Blackbird Pond? Also what pages?

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About nine paragraphs into Chapter 16, Matthew Wood tells his family that

"the three ringleaders (of the prank) are cooling their heels now in his shed, and on Lecture Day they will sit for all to see in the town stocks".

As it is described about two pages later, Kit feels compelled to go down to the stocks on Lecture Day, even though "it was no place for a girl alone".  There, confined in the wooden restraints, she sees

"all three Dolphin men...Nat and the redheaded seaman who had painted the Dolphin's figurehead...cheerfully exchanging insults with a cluster of young bound boys...the two culprits holding their own in an unchastened manner...even as (Kit) watched, an apple core sailed through the air and bounced off Nat's forehead".

When Nat's attention is directed towards Kit, he

"twist(s) his head the inch or so that the boards (allow) him and stare(s) at her without the slightest recognition".

When he realizes who she is, he exasperatedly tells her to "get away from this place".

A few paragraphs later, Kit arrives at the Meeting House where she stops to read the posted notice which says,

"That for stealing pumpkins from a field, and for kindling a fire in a dwelling they three shall be seated in the stocks from one hour before the Lecture till one hour after" (Chapter 16).

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