Identify a quest in the film, Excalibur.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A quest in Boorman's film lies with Merlin to restore order in the world and ensure that Arthur becomes king.  This is a process that starts from birth, something that Merlin oversees.  Merlin is advising King Arthur to understand his rightful place as king, in that "he and the land are one."  This is a quest that represents the search for justice and the restoration of moral order.  It is a quest that Merlin seeks to ensure that Arthur fulfills.  For his part, Arthur wants answers and seeks to understand how he will be king, how he will fulfill what Merlin says his destiny.  This represents a quest in a variety of ways.  The first way is that Arthur does not know the outcome of the path upon which he is set.  He is filled with doubt at moments, conviction at others.  Another way this represents a quest is that Arthur must fulfill the condition of being "the once and future king."  It is a journey in its own right.  Merlin and the use of Excalibur itself help him in this process.  The quest to both assuming the rightful place of leadership and understanding what this means in his own mindset is where a significant quest is located in the film.