In "The Crucible", what two pieces of evidence regarding his Christian nature are presented against Proctor?

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act Two of “The Crucible”, Rev. Hale comes to the Proctor’s house to question them since Elizabeth Proctor’s name had been mentioned in court and she may be the next to be accused.  Hale questions a few different things about the “Christian character” of John Proctor.  One of the aspects that Hale questions is the fact that only two of their three children have been baptized.  John Proctor’s response to this is that he does not want Rev. Parris to touch his children because he “does not see the light of God in the man.”  A second aspect that Hale questions is the amount of times that John Proctor has gone to church in the past six months – apparently he has not been there enough.  Also questioned is the Proctor’s knowledge of the Ten Commandments and the fact that Proctor plows his fields on Sundays which is looked down upon in the Puritan community.

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